lanwaninteriorA workable network in today’s world is an essential part of a company’s infrastructure like electricity, water, heath, means of transport, telephones etc. The activities of a company are based on its continuous working network which allows them to effectively serve the needs of their customers. Businesses today need to ensure that their employees can access information and systems to serve clients from anywhere. DCS, LLC is a successful provider of innovative resolutions for these issues and specializes in the design and implementation services necessary for a fluid interoperability within organizations. Our proven services include wireless networking, network assessments, firewall protection, router/switch installation, and backup/disaster recovery.

Network services

DCS, LLC specialized in the implementations and maintenance of these kinds of networks.

  • Wireless Local Area Network
  • Metropolitan Area Network
  • Campus Area Network
  • Storage Area Network
  • System Area Network

The need for technical expertise is continuously increasing. It is expensive for companies to maintain an organization and network in the constantly changing environment. DCS, LLC Service includes both maintenance and administrative services. This means that customers do not need to use their own personnel resources for the maintenance of the network. DCS, LLC solves the possible problem situations concerning the network and advises the customer on how to use the network.