telephoneSafety and Security Notification in an event of an emergency. OSHA requires loudspeaker paging for safety reasons in large businesses.

Background Music for easy listening in a work environment.

Improved communications between personnel through easy location of staff who are away from their desks, and to easily alert them of phone calls or tasks.

Single or Multi-Zone communications allows for areas to receive the broadcast paging systems today and can be set up for simultaneous company-wide overhead paging to multiple locations within a facility or across a campus without running new lines. Paging to remote locations miles away is also possible. VOIP Gateways provide overhead voice paging over IP networks.


  • Utilizes existing Ethernet network
  • Simultaneous overhead voice paging to multiple locations within a facility, nearby or branch office buildings, or to remote locations using the Internet or Intranet
  • Single- or multi-zone paging at any or all locations
  • Efficiently communicate company-wide emergency alerts or general announcements, saving both time and money while improving communication
  • Connects directly to phones or PBX; compatible with virtually any telephone port type
  • Configurable from a web browser or Microsoft Windows®

We offer inclusive knowledge, skills, and experience when we service our clients with their Paging Systems! We can help you with your paging system installation by providing the following options:

  • Outdoor/ Indoor Paging Installation
  • Talk back Paging Installation
  • Zone Paging Installation
  • Paging Horns Installation: Loud Ringer, Warble, Alert
  • Loud Ring / Night Ring /Clock Timer Paging Controller Installation
  • Paging Speakers Installation: Corner Speakers, Wall Speakers, Pendant Speakers, Recessed Ceiling Speakers
  • Emergency Paging System Installation
  • Paging System Installation with Background Music

Paging Volume Control Installation